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Ice fishing trip to Lake Portimo - 3 h


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Ice fishing trips can be combined with snowshoeing.

In Finland, lakes and ponds are frozen for 4-5 months in winter, and winter fishing is a traditional and popular way of fishing.

We first go by car near the winter fishing lake, where we snowshoeing from the parking lot to the lake. At the lake, the guide tells the secrets of ice fishing and helps you get started. We drill holes in the ice and hope that Ahti (finnish fishermens “god”) is on our side. Along with ice fishing, we cook soot pot coffees (also tea/cocoa) while the campfire is burning.

Start time:  10:00 a.m.

Group size: 2 - 10 people (more than 10 people, to be agreed separately)

The trip includes:

  • Wilderness guide services

  • Ice fishing equipment and baits

  • Snowshoes and poles

  • Grill sausage, a warm drink and a sweet local pastry