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Ice fishing trit to Koutusjärvi (8 h)
€600.00 / 8 h


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Do you want to catch big fish in a special fishing spot in Koutusjärvi alone or just with your own group? At the moment, there is a chance that the fishing line will ring and the fishing skills will be put to the test.

It is possible to access Lake Koutusjärvi only under the guidance of an authorized fishing guide and only one group/day, which means you can fish the entire lake privately. Koutusjärvi is Metsähallitus' special fishing lake on the side of Pello municipality. The lake is a 4 km long wilderness lake known for its large fish: trout, perch, whitefish and pike. You don't need anything but your own warm winter clothes, fishing equipment can be found in the guide. Koutusjärvi has strict fishing restrictions and rules, this enables sustainable fishing and unique fishing experiences in the long term.

First we head to Koutusjärvi by car, after that we drive snowmobiles to the ice spot carefully chosen by the guide, where everyone can try how to make a hole in the ice with an ice auger and ice fishing can start. During the trip, if necessary, the ice spot is changed and finally we return to the starting point by snowmobile.

On this ice fishing safari, you can experience the magic of winter nature, peace and silence on a beautiful wilderness lake. The trip is suitable for both beginners and experienced fishermen. In the middle of the trip, we enjoy a soup lunch and soot pot coffee.

We drive our quiet modern four-stroke snowmobiles safely under the guidance of a guide. Thanks to the new technology, the sleds are even more environmentally friendly and top class in terms of driving comfort and safety. Driving 1 person/2 people/snowmobile or sled transport (children aged 5-11)


Duration: 8 h

Start time: Let's agree together

Group size: 1 - 4 people (more than 4 people, to be agreed separately)

Price: from 600.00 €

Guide language: Finnish, English


  • fishing permit

  • snowmobile: fuel and insurance (deductible max. €980)

  • snowmobile helmet, balaclava and driving jacket

  • snowmobile driving and safety instructions

  • soup lunch and soot pot coffees on ice

  • fishing equipment (axes, ice augers...)

  • transport for 4 people