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Enjoy unique nature experiences and the Lapland countryside on the Midnight Sun Canoeing Route!

The total length of the paddling route is 250 kilometers and it offers something for everyone: Extreme on a wild wilderness river, calm paddling on lakes and slow river water, and speed and splashes on the rapids!

The route has three starting points:

1. Kolari's Aalisjärvi; Aalisjoki and Konttajoki

2. Pello's Rattosjärvi: Rattosjoki, Korpijoki and Kavantojoki

3. Rovaniemi's Palojärvi: Ylinen, Keskinen and Alinen Palojoki

All routes converge at Miekojärvi and continue along Tengeliönjoki to Tornionjoki.

If you can't find an excursion that suits you in the ready-made offer, or if the ready-made excursions don't fit your schedule, contact us by email or phone, and we will plan an excursion that suits you or your group.

We are also happy to help you plan your own trip and rent equipment. KJ-Experience rents canoes and packrafts.